• Trademarks
    • We treat your trademarks as though they were our own: with your particular needs in mind, we will assess whether the mark may be registered as a trademark and will check all important registers.

      We will advise you on which countries to register in, and walk you through their registration procedures. We also continually monitor Lithuanian and foreign trademark registers, and will inform you of the appearance of any identical or similar trademarks if your rights are violated. We can also manage your trademark portfolio.

      We can represent you in any trademark owner rights violation or unfair competition disputes you might have. We will put our extensive court experience at your disposal to give you peace of mind.

  • Patents
    • We believe that inventors should be rewarded for their creations. We will guide you through every step of the patenting process, and by consulting with expert scientists, we will be able to help ensure that you can provide the most comprehensive and detailed description of your invention possible.

      After this, we will scour worldwide registers to guarantee that no prior third parties rights have been breached. We will also  tell you how to and where to register your trademark internationally. We will then register, validate and monitor their validity. What is more, we will prepare all transfer of rights agreements, and represent your rights in court and institutions, and during negotiations.


  • Industrial Design
    • Already in talks about the look of your product with engineers, technologists or manufacturers? We will assess whether the visualization of the product could be registered as a design.

      We provide comprehensive design services – we can help with registration in Lithuania, the European Union and abroad. We can also monitor validity, consult on matters such as the transfer of rights, and manage your industrial design portfolio if needed. We can also represent your rights in courts and institutions, and during negotiations.

  • International Debt Recovery
    • Recovery of overdue international debts is considered to be a long, complex and costly process. Therefore, often creditors do not go to court to recover these debts and do not initiate enforcement actions in other countries when a judgment of a domestic court has become enforceable.

      Fortunately, we are well aware of the current legal framework that facilitates debt recovery from foreign debtors, and simplifies the enforcement process in other countries.

      We can:

      • apply to the Lithuanian courts to get information about debtor‘s bank accounts in other EU countries and block these accounts;
      • use a fast and simplified debt recovery process from the EU debtors, which can be initiated and completed in Lithuanian courts by standardized procedural documents;
      • initiate the enforcement process in the EU without following the formal and lengthy procedures for declaring it enforceable;
      • complete the majority of other legal actions that are aimed to get your money back faster, cheaper and easier.
  • Domains
    • Managing one, two or three domains is easy. But managing more is far more difficult. We can help you monitor validity, prepare documents and issue reminders to you on approaching rulings.

      Let us help you safeguard your business against those on the look out to make a quick profit from you. We have successfully defended our clients and recovered illegally registered domains, such as,,,,,, amongst others.

  • Advertising and Unfair Competition
    • If you would like advice or clarification on whether an advertisement is misleading, comparative or hidden – we are always on hand to help. We will present you with legal conclusions and help you find answers or settlement in litigation. And if you feel that your competition is using a trademark, name or packaging that is similar to your own – we will do our absolute best to represent your rights in court.

  • IP Object Management
    • Our experience has shown that clients find it easier to entrust us with the management of their intellectual property (IP) objects.  That is why we have created a system that will help ensure your peace of mind and help optimize the returns on your investment: we monitor trademarks, design and domains online in a way that best suits your business.